Mobile “Development for devices.”

The world of mobile devices presents technical challenges: power, memory, and user interface, to name just three. But it also presents tremendous opportunities for innovation and user experience.

Collabora's developers have outstanding expertise on mobile Linux, and can help your organisation sidestep common pitfalls while making the most of open platforms. Our work with high profile organisations, such as the One Laptop Per Child project, Texas Instruments, Intel and ST Ericsson among other mobile device manufacturers, give us the experience and know-how to recommend and implement top-to-bottom solutions for netbooks, phones, PDAs, ebook readers, and other devices.

Our experience with the GNOME and KDE desktops, and in developing GTK+ and Qt applications, includes architecture and development at all layers of the stack ranging from the kernel up to the applications. We're familiar with all the major open source platforms such as:

We also worked a projects such as integrating GStreamer and Telepathy into Android platforms.

We've worked on optimising web browsers for mobile environments, from WebKit-based browsers like Epiphany to the gecko-based Fennec browser.

Collabora is a member of GENIVI, Linaro and the GNOME Mobile & Embedded Initiative.

Developer biography

Edward Hervey

Edward Hervey

Edward Hervey founded PiTiVi during his final year at the EPITECH engineering school in Paris. He soon found that PiTiVi's needed required improvements to the GStreamer framework, and began developing them. At Collabora, Edward managed the PiTiVi team, launched the GES project and continues to contribute on a daily basis to GStreamer.