Communications “Open source real-time communications experts.”

As founders and leading experts on the Telepathy real-time communications framework, the directors and developers of Collabora know communication technologies inside and out. It's easy for us to use Telepathy to take care of all forms of communications such as chat, SMS, voice calls and video conferencing. We have experience and implementations of several leading protocols such as XMPP and SIP. We are specially fond of XMPP as the leading open standard for communications and have contributed to it's specification on several fronts.

With the Tubes component of Telepathy, entire applications transform into communication and collaboration portals. We built that. And with the Empathy chat application (built on top of Telepathy), users can talk to friends on different chat networks, simultaneously and seamlessly. We built that, too. We also started and maintain the Farstream video and audio conferencing framework, and libnice, the library that lets applications add peer-to-peer communications despite NAT and firewalls.

In collaboration with One Laptop Per Child, Truphone, other organisations, or on our own, we've been improving open source communications technology since Collabora began. Our vision is to enable all a more collaborative environment for users of both the mobile and desktop spaces.

Developer biography

Sjoerd Simons

Sjoerd Simons

Sjoerd works on Telepathy and other projects, advises colleagues and clients, and directs the research & development team.