About us “Real-world open source consulting.”

Who we are

Collabora is a microcosm of the Open Source community: global, distributed and online. Collabora recruits some of the most motivated Open Source contributors, maintainers and software specialists from around the world. We pride ourselves on being a company of passionate developers where work and pleasure are one. Our software specialists are resourceful and practical, bringing polish, open-source know-how, and experience to our projects.

Collabora's mission is to accelerate the adoption of open source technologies, methodologies and philosophy.


As leading experts on the Telepathy real-time communications framework, the directors and developers of Collabora know communications technologies inside and out. It's easy for us to use Telepathy to take care of many communication protocols: VoIP, SIP, SMS, regular phone calls, and several flavours of text and video chat.


The world of mobile devices presents technical challenges: power, memory, and user interface, to name just three. But it also presents tremendous opportunities for innovation and user experience.

Collabora's developers have outstanding expertise on mobile Linux, and can help your organisation sidestep common pitfalls while making the most of open platforms.


Collabora Multimedia was founded in 2007 to be the low level multimedia arm of Collabora. Bringing in experienced developers from the GStreamer development community, it helped widen the reach of Collabora even further. Today Collabora Multimedia is a thriving part of the Collabora group with a strong team of developers and its main development office in Barcelona, Spain.